Kingdom Heat

Mirage Toys (formerly N2 Toys) continues to annoy collectors by releasing the Kingdom Hearts figures in two-packs of Disney and non-Disney characters. The toyline, based on the upcoming videogame, features original characters alongside a huge variety of classic Disney ones, from Sleeping Beauty's evil witch Maleficent to well-known ones like Donald Duck and even Jack Skellington. But each Disney figure is packed with a non-Disney figure from the game.

I realize that the value of the Kingdom Hearts license is that it allows Mirage to produce classic Disney action figures without having to score a master license from Disney. I also realize that spreading out the Disney characters one to a pack forces collectors to buy more than they may want to. Some people, I'm sure, will like the game-original characters. But given N2's previous work, forgive me if I'm wary of this line. I'll want to see it first before I may any purchases. It's hard to trust a company that had to change its name due to its association with a previous product (it's rumored the name-change happened after the failure of their Tick line).

Also, in a line packed with such cool and obscure Disney characters, where's Chernabog?

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