The Great Muppets Send-Off

It's lasted for a couple of years now and and like all good things, it must come to an end. Its come time to send off one of the greatest action figure lines ever made - The Muppets.

A product of the ever-impressing Palisades Toys, the popular series began with what appeared to be a small run of the most popular puppet characters from the beloved series and then exploded to a full line of almost a dozen series plus tons of fantastic variants and exclusives, plus some of the best playsets we've ever seen bar none. In this fantastic series, we've seen classic characters like Kermit and Miss Piggy; we've seen larger figures like the huge Sweetums and the real-handed Swedish Chef along with his own replica kitchen with basically everything you'd find in a real kitchen; we've seen an entire band and stage set-up with the ever-crazy possible ADHD-ridden Animal; plus basically every memorable and popular Muppet ever seen on the many shows and movies, even including small-time favorites like the Newsman and Pops. There's a Rainbow Connection Kermit, sold exclusively through the Palisades Direct online store, of which 100% of the profits are being donated to the Cooper Perry fund, a charity raising funds for medical research following the tragic death of a young boy. There's even the Muppet-version of the creator himself, Jim Henson! (To be reviewed over the next couple of weeks.)

Large on the World of Springfield scale, but better in every way - better articulation, better paint and detail, bigger and better playsets, better accessories - the Muppet line is a masterpiece, and over the next couple of weeks we here on OAFEnet are sending off the line with reviews of some of the last toys and exclusives in the line; make no mistake that this is a series that will be missed, but will live on as Palisades make more of the fantastic Henson characters and puppets in their upcoming Sesame Street line!

Start the goodbye with the Muppet Penguins!

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