Which do you like better?

On the top row, you'll see the standard Autobot and Decepticon symbols; on the second row, two versions of a "merged" faction. Which of those two bottom ones do you like better?

Well? Now, a bonus image! The original that was split to make the two above. Do you like this better?

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2 Responses to Which do you like better?

  1. TazKidNoah says:

    I am actually interested in the Bonus Symbol of Auto-Decepto-Bots(my made up term for the merge as AutoDeceptoBots)
    Would it be ok to get Copy of the Bonus Image so i can get it printed on my clothes? I would also like to put Neck Tags info of the people behind this design so I can put give credit. To these great piece of work =]

  2. Yara says:

    Wow, I love the AutoCon insignias so much

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