OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, July 7

The OAFEnet Email Update is available on demand.

  • This is our final Freebooter Friday - it's been a full month since Rustin came up with the idea, and we knew how long it would run before we started. Still, it felt like it went by fast.
  • Our regularly unscheduled GL review is 200% larger than usual.
  • This review finally brought Artemis's first crackpot complaint. Complaint from a reader, not from Artemis. Artemis HANDS OUT crackpot complaints all the time.
  • Marvel Monday fell on the Fourth of July, so we went with the trend and reviewed something patriotic.
  • Have you seen Transformers 3 yet? Then you know more about Transformers Tuesday's subject than the review does.
  • Do you ever "repurpose" your toys? That is, use a figure meant to represent Character X as a stand-in for Character Y? This figure is perfect for that.
  • What did Rustin buy this week? Things he actually liked! What an unexpected break from the norm!

This week on the blog we had some bonus backstory for the pirates, movie news, a special July 4 message from Captain America, and a video mashup of two Hasbro properties that the fanboys love.

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  1. Friginator says:

    Crackpot? Where?

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