Fox releases a new "Alien" Blu-ray

Normally this isn't the kind of thing we'd cover, but take a look at this:

It's stylish and moody, but do you notice anything about it?

Well, to begin with, Ripley is based on this promotional still:

Clearly they just took that and painted on her space suit. And sure, she never had the flamethrower while wearing this suit, and the colors aren't quite right (they seem to be based on Alien: Isolation rather than the movie), but that can be chalked up to artistic license. But look at the xeno behind her. Notice anything off about it? Not only is it not the costume from Alien, it's not a costume at all! It's the toy version of the AvP: Requiem Warrior Alien - specifically, this stock photo NECA released at the time:

NECA action figures: so good, even studio art departments are fooled.

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4 Responses to Fox releases a new "Alien" Blu-ray

  1. googum says:

    Weird. I bought Alien on Blu-Ray to get a free Prometheus ticket; was this version promoting anything?

  2. AmericanHyena says:

    The "Usual Suspects" one literally gives the ending away on the cover.

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