Madballs blind-bagged decoder

Yes, Madballs are back for another go-round, and one of the product categories this time is a line of 1½" blind-bagged balls. Since one squishy foam ball feels pretty much the same as the next through a foil bag, the "squeeze test" that so many of us have honed by working over Lego Minifigures is mostly useless. Despair not, dear reader, for the bags have a simple code which will help you find what you want!

Stamped at the rear bottom of the bag is a numerical code. The last digit in the line will tell you what's inside the bag. Here's Series 1:

1 Skull Face
2 Horn Head
3 Screamin' Meemie
4 Dust Brain
5 Slobulus
6 Oculus Orbus
7 Glow-in-the-Dark Skull Face

Despite the fact that the back of the bag entreats you to "collect all 13," they didn't all ship at once; it took half a year for the second lot to appear.

08 Bruise Brother
09 Swine Sucker
10 Snake Bait
11 Fist Face
12 Buzz Off
13 Lock Lips

There's no change in the bags to tell you the new half has arrived, you'll just have to check. And they seem to be mixed in with more of the first ones.

Series 2 is out, in purple bags, and mixing repaints of old characters in with the new ones.

14 Horn Head (blue repaint)
15 Screamin' Meemie (teal repaint)
16 Dust Brain (blue repaint)
17 Slobulus (magenta repaint)
18 Oculus Orbus (yellow repaint)
19 Skullface (green repaint)
20 Freaky Fullback
21 Slobbernaut
22 Wolf Breath
23 Aargh!
24 Skunkvenger
25 Sushisassin
26 Horn Head (golden)

Series 3 will be out sometime in 2018, featuring a mix much like Series 2: six new characters, six repaints, and one solid-color release. No numbers yet, but the new characters are:

?? Mucho Grosso the luchador
?? Spike Face the knight
?? Body Blow the boxer
?? Blech Beard the pirate
?? Dead Beatz the music lover
?? Poppa Pimple the nerd
?? Slobulus (silver)

Good hunting!

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7 Responses to Madballs blind-bagged decoder

  1. yo go re says:

    Let me know when they get to Wolf Breath...

  2. Bigbot says:

    Awesome, been looking for a decoder for a while now. I noticed the codes, but didn't feel like paying so much for them all at once.

  3. Pink Parademon says:

    I got Fist Face at Wal-mart. It's made upside down! If you have it posed so the thumb is up, the molded legal text and the printed batch info are visible right on top. Is there any way to remove that without ruining the foam?

  4. Wolf says:

    Series 1 just showed up in Oz. Managed to get Skull Face, Glow Skull Face and Dust Brain. Hopefully series 2 will show up soon....very keen to get hold of a Wolf Breath.

  5. Madbum says:

    Just noticed these in Big W in Oz, bought myself a set for Xmas, second one I opened was the Glow-In-The-Dark!! I went back for more but luckily found this page first, saved me buying any doubles, thanks! Can't wait for wave 2.

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