Madballs blind-bagged decoder

Yes, Madballs are back for another go-round, and one of the product categories this time is a line of 1½" blind-bagged balls. Since one squishy foam ball feels pretty much the same as the next through a foil bag, the "squeeze test" that so many of us have honed by working over Lego Minifigures is mostly useless. Despair not, dear reader, for the bags have a simple code which will help you find what you want!

Stamped at the rear bottom of the bag is a numerical code. The last digit in the line will tell you what's inside the bag. Here's Series 1:

1 Skull Face
2 Horn Head
3 Screamin' Meemie
4 Dust Brain
5 Slobulus
6 Oculus Orbus
7 Glow-in-the-Dark Skull Face

Despite the fact that the back of the bag entreats you to "collect all 13," the others aren't out yet; as of right now, these are the only ones you can find.

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2 Responses to Madballs blind-bagged decoder

  1. yo go re says:

    Let me know when they get to Wolf Breath...

  2. Bigbot says:

    Awesome, been looking for a decoder for a while now. I noticed the codes, but didn't feel like paying so much for them all at once.

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