OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, March 7

The OAFEnet Email Update kind of has a theme going on this week. It's pretty subtle, see if you can guess what it is!

  • "two hours of menstrual cup discussions and mandatory estrogen injections for the audience"
  • "it's more 'genetic clone engineering' than 'slap and tickle'"
  • "green and silver outfits, a bunch of unlikable people... is Starforce the Kree equivalent of the Philadelphia Eagles?"
  • "It's possible they're pulling a bluff with all the toys and cardgames and official sites and whatnot, and that the character will be revealed as Mar-Vell in the movie, but on the other hand, no they're not."
  • "Perhaps the silliest thing about his design is that, despite being a six-foot chunk of living concrete, he still feels the need to wear a little domino mask to conceal his identity."
  • "it does slightly feel like Disney is thumbing its nose at Fox with this one"
  • "think of it as a Sentinel, but for aliens instead of mutants"

There's a bonus review on the blog, too.

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