Transformers BotBots Nampy review

When you think of things that might be in a mall, a furniture store probably isn't high on the list. Clothes, jewelers, uh... okay, i really don't know what else would be in a mall, because I just go to GameStop, Hot Topic, and FYE looking for toys. But I certainly don't remember walking past any place that had cribs for sale. We'll have to ask the Home Rangers if such a thing actually exists.

What's the difference between a crib sold in a baby store and one sold in a furniture store? Well, according to this one, gaudy colors. What was a reserved beige on Nampy is a pale pink here, and the mobile hanging above the sleeping area is lime green. The slats are sculpted, rather than actually being hollow, and six small feet hold the crib up off the ground.

BotBots are small and easy to convert - for instance, all you need to do here is pull back the arm on the mobile, spread the sides of the crib outward, then straighten the robot body within. Oh, and remove the mobile part of the mobile, because it becomes a walking stick.

Reptilin' Sleepstylin' is determined to set up the perfect nursery. He works around the clock to make sure that he's creating a nurturing environment for all bots. Just don't get in the way or he'll show you his teeth. This dragon gets fierce when he fusses over the details.

Like Series 3's Nampy, Reptilin' Sleepstylin' is an elderly dragon with a walking stick. Since the band across his eyes is painted black, he looks like he's wearing sunglasses. The wing joints here are actually mobile, unlike the last use of the mold, but that doesn't stop them from being totally square no matter which angle you view them from.

RepSlep is available either blind-packed, as #14 in Series 5, in a Frequent Flyers 8-pack, or a Hibotchi Heats 8-pack.

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  1. Nampy cut out the middle man in the Sphinx riddle.

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