Transformers BotBots Stinkeye Stapleton & Steve From Accounting reviews

In the second wing of the Transformers BotBots mall, members of the Backpack Bunch can mostly be found by the office supply store on the ground floor. Just like they were in Series 1. Don't be afraid to change things up, Backpack Bunch!

In Afrikaans, the word for a stapler is called a "paper vampire" (papier vampier), which may be the raddest thing ever. And then you find out the part that pushes the staples out is called the hammer, and the base is called the anvil. Who knew office supplies could be so brutal! A black stapler looks much more realistic than one in bright blue, but you have to ask: why haven't they done one in "Office Space red" yet? Is it because they already used the name Milton? Was that name originally grabbed for a red stapler, but then reassigned for some reason?

BotBots convert very easily. All you have to do here is unfold the legs, and swing the arms down and to the sides. Basically, the robot is just curled up in a ball with its hands over its face - very relatable.

Steve From Accounting like to talk numbers: how many staples he's used this week, how many staples he's used this month, the plans for next month's staple use. Just when you think there's nothing more to say about stapling, he'll tell a joke. What do you call a staple with commitment issues? A paperclip.

Steve has a pretty pedestrian name for a Transformer, doesn't he? Despite his bio describing him as super bland, his expression is wild: huge blue eyes and a mouth that's wide open like he's screaming. Is this a Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged reference? His body design is cooler than the Series 1 figure too, with a silver "vest," blue across the waist, and on the top of the feet. The use of the same basic colors between the two figures makes them look like a nice pair, and makes breaking my "only one of a mold" rule easier.

Steve from Accounting is available in Backpack Bunch and Music Mob 5-packs, or a Swag Stylers 8-pack.

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9 Responses to Transformers BotBots Stinkeye Stapleton & Steve From Accounting reviews

  1. andy says:

    ugh... more of this crap.

    why isn't there a comment option under last weeks EXCELLANT transformer review? It was nice to see a review of a real transformer. it was a break from these enthusiasm draining entries...

    how about we just drop transformer tuesday if this is all we are gonna get


    these are all the same, better than modern McDonalds transformers, worse than all others (including go-bots, Activators, and big lots knock-offs)

    but thanks for you steadfast efforts in providing content. With no Toy-R-Us to blindly wander through this is often my only incite into what could be there.

    • Ai Muhao says:

      I kind of want to agree with you, but also disagree with you.

      On one hand, I personally don't find the Botshots all that interesting because they're so simple. On the other, they're meant for a different demographic than me, so no skin off my nose. I would likely buy a few for a younger relative, though.

      But about the Thundercracker and Skywarp review, I have to admit that I'm kind weary of them complaining about Hasbro using the G1 cast. I mean, I do get where they're coming from in the "I already have a perfectly good Bumblebee from the last series, why would I need to get another only a couple years later?" sense. On the other, that's where the money is, so I can see why Hasbro goes back to what works.

      But we also have to remember that in a lot of cases they're buying the toys themselves. It's not like they get sent toys by Hasbro or Mattel to review for them, you know? They have every right to complain if they think they aren't getting their money's worth.

      Look at the bright side: Siege, Earthrise and Kingdom have many of the staple characters (e.g. Optimus, Megatron, etc) but they also have new figures of characters not seen in years (e.g. Apeface and Snapdragon), characters who've never had official toys before (e.g. Quintesson Judge and Allicon) and in Kingdom the Beast Wars' cast are coming. Plus, Studio Series Devastator's components are finally all released, so I'm very interested in that review.

      I mean, I just don't click on the Botshots reviews unless, like in this case, the name is just so intriguing I simply have to know. I mean... Stinkeye Stapleton and Steve From Accounting! Just imagine what kind of introdump someone like Simon Furman would've come up with for guys with names like that!

    • Pharmadan says:

      The only thing I agree with you with is that a comment section on the nonblog reviews would be neat... I wonder how feasible that would be?

  2. ridureyu says:

    Steve From Accounting has the greatest name of any Transformer ever. Even better than Hamurai.

    • Harrison says:

      Yo, please keep posting these reviews! Post them on any dang thing you want to! I haven’t bought a Transformer in years and I haven’t bought any new toys since Mattel lost the DC license except for imaginext, but I come to OAFE every day for the insightful, informative, and funny reviews. Please never stop!

  3. Scott says:

    Shape and colours of the staple mode made me think it was some attachment to TLK Sqweeks. 😛

  4. Scott says:

    I ain't sure why I read this Botbot reviews, I have no interest in the toys and I've sorta given up expecting proper Transformer figure reviews here (I only buy Studio Series anyways) but eh these things are kinda amusing.

  5. JJ says:

    Here's hoping they make a red variant named Milton in a nod to "Office Space"!

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