Patriot spoilers
So who's behind that blue facemask? Is it Bucky, come back to life somehow? No, though that has happened since. It's actually Elijah Bradley, grandson of the first Captain America. Not Steve Rogers, the first Captain America. You don't think the military started their super-soldier experiments on a blonde, blue-eyed white boy, do you? Of course not - they started on black men, in case something went wrong. The only survivor was Isaiah Bradley, Eli's grandfather.

When Iron Lad came looking for recruits, he was actually seeking Eli's uncle Josiah, who wasn't around. Eli told Iron Lad that he'd gained powers as a result of a blood transfusion from his grandfather; liar! He was actually taking the drug MGH - Mutant Growth Hormone - to keep up with his teammates. He quit the drug and the team when they found out, but the Young Avengers keep trying to convince him to come back. Drug-free, of course.