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Transforming EVE

by Artemis

Our coverage of the lovely Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator - and my struggle to think up new introductions for the same character again and again - concludes (until the next wave of merchandise) with Transforming EVE, the largest EVE of the bunch so far. Well, second-largest behind Huggable EVE, but this one's the largest EVE that isn't filled with fluff.

First things first, I've done extensive studies, and I think she may not actually be a Transformer - I can't find an Autobot or Decepticon logo on her anywhere. Of course, it's possible she's a Transformer whose altmode is a piece of WALL•E merchandise, but despite supposedly being all about disguise, Transformers are usually pretty reliable at displaying their allegiance for all to see. The one thing we can be certain of is that she's not one of Bamblebee's lot - I've had her for several days, and none of her limbs have fallen off.

This EVE, including the 2" her stand adds to her height, towers over her fellow EVEs at 9" tall, and like the whole range, she's made from shiny white plastic, like an Apple gadget, or a classy sex toy. Hey, there's an idea - get a vibrating egg toy, paint an EVE face on it, et voila, instant amusingly scandalous merchandise. Transforming EVE doesn't vibrate, sadly - what she does is transform, from her "Sleep Mode" with her arms and head tucked in, to active mode, with everything deployed as usual.

All the pieces lock into place in sleep mode, though the head is a bit tougher to push in than the arms (larger piece, stronger spring), and there's bump in the travel of the head just before it locks that feels like it's made contact with the inner housing, so at first try it can seem like the head doesn't retract. Just give it a firm shove and it'll click into place. Push a button on EVE's back, and everything pops out, powered by coil springs inside the clear plastic tubes holding the extremities in place.

Slightly counter-intuitively, I'd have thought, everything pops open when she goes to active mode, including the doors of her vegetation bay. Like the other EVEs with opening greens bays, there's some black techy stuff in there, and a large cavity backed by a silver sticker with a plant logo on it; unlike the others I have, Transforming EVE doesn't come with a sapling to put in there. The bay doors can be closed and clicked into place without requiring the rest of the body go close up, and spring open again using the back button.

This EVE has the same eye-switching mechanism as Search 'N Protect EVE, though since her neck is busy being her neck, the trigger for it is a separate button mounted in the back of her head. Five of the expressions are the same as the SNP model - regular, aggressive, WTF?, happy, and sad - but the sixth is changed from pissed-off to "sleeping," plain black with no blue visible, to go with the toy's sleep mode.

The spring-loaded connecting rods limit EVE's articulation pretty severely compared to her sisters - she has a swivel neck and swivel "shoulders," and that's your lot. The shoulder rods have a little bit of forward/backward tilt in them, but it's just a loose housing, not a joint, so there's no way to pose her arms that way.

Transforming EVE's only accessory is an alternate right arm, her trusty blaster - since the rod has the spring in it, the disconnection point is at the arm end of it, rather than the body end as it is on the other EVEs. Obviously when you try to push the arm into place it'll push the connecting rod into the body, into its sleep mode position, but both arms can be attached like that, and then popped back out into position via the button.

She's a bit of a confusing one, this EVE - so far, with the fancy electronic WALL•E toys yet to show up, she's the largest (non-plush) and most expensive EVE on offer, and yet she's also one of the most limited. She's bigger, and can retract her head and "close" her eyes, which none of the others can do, but that's really it - both Search 'N Protect EVE and Construct-A-Bot EVE have the blaster arm and accessible greens compartment, both have the sapling this EVE lacks, SNP EVE also has other accessories and the expression-changing feature, and all of them, including the smallest EVE, have superior articulation. Transforming EVE looks good, and if you can easily afford her there's no reason not to have her among a collection of EVEs and other WALL•E toys, but don't make this the only one you buy.


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