Space Ghost addendum

Today ygr posted a review of the Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast figure from Toycom. The figure was designed by Art Asylum, and as mentioned in the review, there are credits for the sculpting team on the back of the card:

If you don't want to click on that photo, here are the people who worked on Space Ghost:

  • Director: Digger
  • Sculpture: Paul Komoda, Julie Rodriguez, Eli Livingston
  • 2nd Design & Control Art: Caesar, Nelson Asencio
  • Mold Tech: Adam Capparelli
  • Graphic Design: Kirby Han
  • Paint Dept: Manuel Jesus, Terri Lynch, Anibal Marin
  • Dedicated To The Memory Of: Andre LeBlanc

How cool is that? You don't see McFarlane Toys doing anything that interesting! It's something that had never been done before, but we hope more companies start copying them, because it's nice to see who makes the toys we love.

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