Grab your most loyal carles and let's head to the skalli!

Viking action figures (such as the recent Spawn: the Viking Age line) have always had a special place in my heart. In school I was more or less a medievalist, and wrote my thesis on Beowulf. So I've been looking forward to Radioactive Clown's Rune figures for some time. Based on the computer game of the same name (which I've played through three times), the line has been delayed for nearly a year.

According to an article on, the figures will be out in early 2003. Whether this will actually occur or not remains to be seen - as yo go re recently pointed out, Radioactive Clown has yet to release a single action figure (though much to-do has been made recently of their upcoming Unreal figures, which are due by the end of this year). The Rune line will contain hero Ragnar, villain Conrack (sort of a medieval Jesse Ventura) and Valkyrie. Of the three figures, it's Ragnar I'm most excited about, primarily because he's just a great looking generic Viking - no shoulder pads or loincloths like the Viking Spawn figures, just a Viking with a shield, a sword, an axe and a severed head. Yes, he has a horned helmet, but I'm willing to overlook that - I don't deny that he's still a fanciful vision of a Viking, but he's the most faithful Viking figure I've seen yet (other than those 12" Marx figures, of course).

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