The secret of the sword

It occurred to me that ToyFare's Faker may have the wrong sword. If I recall correctly, the original Faker had Skeletor's sword.

As any diehard He-Fan can tell you, the original Skeletor and He-Man figures each came with a sort of "half-sword." One of them had a small tab that could be inserted into the other one, thus combining into one weapon. Unfortunately, not only did Mattel fail to explore this ability in both the cartoon and comics, but it left Skeletor holding a sword with an ugly flat surface facing outward. If I recall correctly, Faker, who wore an orange version of Skeletor's armor, also carried an orange version of this flat-sword.

Thus, the new Faker should bear an orange version of Skeletor's double-bladed sword, not He-Man's. However, I suspect Skeletor's complicated sword is more expensive to produce, and I doubt anyone at Mattel (or ToyFare, for that matter) even remembered that Faker had Skeletor's sword.

Before I finish my discussion of the Blue One, I would be amiss if I failed to point Matt's hilarious commentary on Faker over at X-E.

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