Toy Karma

I believe in karma. Toy karma.

Poe has invited me to do a fill-in "Point of Articulation" post today, so I thought I would take the easy way out, and repost something that was on the pre-OAFE toy site I was involved with.

This story begins back in the distant historical time known as "1998." It was Christmastime, and as was the style at the time, the entire family had convened at my grandmother's house. I, being a rather single-minded nerd with no self-control, decided to take a drive to the larger city that was about half an hour away, because they had a mall. Hey, the love of your relatives is no excuse not to buy more tiny plastic people.

At any rate, before hitting the mall, I went to the Toys Я Us across the street. I didn't find anything I needed to get, but I did see something interesting.

In one of the aisles, there was a man poking through every peg and filling a cart that he pulled behind him as he progressed. He was completely oblivious to the crowds around him, or the fact that he was blocking access to huge sections of the aisle at the time. A totally inconsiderate scalper, grabbing multiples of anything he thought he could sell for a quick buck.

There was a mother and her child waiting behind him, clearly wanting to look at the toys this aisle beast was blocking. The kid was getting impatient, and mom was ready to leave. When the scalper finally moved a little way up the aisle, the boy darted over and started looking at the figures. He looked at all the ones on the front of the pegs, and picked one. "Is that the one you want," his mother asked. He shook his head. He turned the package around to look at the other figures pictured on the back, and pointed at the one he was looking for. He and his mom dug through the pegs.

To no avail.

It was no surprise, to me: I recognized the slimy trail of a scalper. So while the kid looked forlornly at the back of the card, I quietly asked mom what toy he was looking for. She told me, and peeking in the scalper's cart, I saw it. So while he continued to paw his way through the next section of toys, I quietly picked it up, handed it to the woman, and wished her a happy holiday.

We may collect toys, but it's important to remember that they're meant for kids for, and us second. Kids have dibs on everything, so if you're in a situation where it's you or them, give them the toy. Yes, I took a toy from another shopper's cart, but it wasn't for me, it was for the next generation of collectors.

Anyway, as I said, I didn't find anything I had to buy at TRU, so I went across the street to the mall. And there, at Kay Bee Toys, I found a figure I'd been hunting for months, and I joyfully bought it. See that? I did something nice for someone else, and the universe delivered me what I'd been searching for. Instant (toy) karma. So be considerate, help other people out, and your life will be better for it...

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