Up in Smoke

After a brief separation, my new Masters of the Universe figures have now rejoined me from across the continent. Their trip was not without peril, however; in the morning just before she shipped the box, my mother put it down briefly on the stove and accidentally flipped on the burner before walking away (how it's possible to accidentally flip on a burner I don't know, but I'm far too good a son to question my mother). Of course, the box caught fire and began to smoke. My mother rescued the figures in time, but not before they had been thoroughly infused with a scent not unlike that of badly burned popcorn.

The smell is slowly fading. Worst off is Stratos, whose many straps and rubber plastic parts soaked in the smoke like a sponge does water. Second is Man-At-Arms, who was closest to the flames and just barely escaped a melted elbow. Whenever I'm fortunate enough to locate a Mekaneck, I'm sure he'll think he's been thrown in with some sort of neo-French philosophy group.

If anyone has any tips for getting the smell of smoke out of action figures, let me know.

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