ATFC - Palisades (+ Frank the Bunny)

Welcome to Day 3 of our Armchair Toy Fair Coverage™.

As usual, seems to have a very privileged relationship with the industry. Technically, the Fair doesn't even start until tomorrow, but they've already dropped the motherlode: the Palisades photo section is now live. Of particular interest are Invader ZIM, Adult Swim (here's your precious Bear, Shocka) Muppets (and Sesame Street) and Fairly OddParents. Then there are the Die Hard PALz, which I don't know how to feel about.

Some more big news - Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko has joined the second series of NECA's Cult Classics line.

The Invader ZIM stuff looks fantastic. The line actually seems to have improved, if that's possible. I like the expressions for the Wizard Exclusive Zim/GIR 2-pack. The Doggy GIR is adorable, and the unmasked Doggy GIR has the best expression we've seen on a GIR yet. And I'm looking forward to owning Gaz (I assume there's a Game Slave in there somewhere).

My girlfriend is quite pleased with the Fairly OddParents figures. She's particularly happy about the undead rat, or whatever that thing is.

I've never gotten into the Muppets line, but I admire it, and Sesame Street looks like it will be continuing that tradition of quality. But I can't believe neither Big Bird nor Cookie Monster will be in the first series...

The Frank the Bunny figure looks fantastic. NECA's goal with Cult Classics is obviously to fill in the gaps McFarlane Toys left in their Movie Maniacs line. Love those sneakers. There had better be an interchangeable "shot-through-the-eye real-world Frank" head, though, so he can ask my other figures why they're wearing those "stupid man suits."

Man, that's creepy.

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