ATFC - Hellboy and Goon: denied!

It seems Mezco has placed a no-pictures policy on their two most anticipated lines, Hellboy and the Goon. Their official explanation, by way of an online board rep, is "various different reasons [we're] not going to get into."

I'm a little put-off by this (to put it mildly). Mezco has teased HB fans for months now with this line. I can't help but wonder why they aren't allowing photos. Something in the contract with the licensor? Are the figures too early on in the production process? Problems with licensor approval? Do they have some grand unveiling planned?

Whatever the reason, Mezco is going to lose some face over this if they don't offer some sort of explanation.

The no-photos policy means that my interest in Toy Fair has been whittled down to Invader Zim, Fairly Oddparents, and SOTA's Lovecraft line. Those companies are two of the most fan-friendly toy manufacturers out there, so I have no doubt there will be some great pictures available soon.

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