An update (or lack thereof)

No news from Mezco on the Comic Hellboy front, though released this tidbit on Mezco's line based on Eric Powell's comic The Goon:

"As previously announced, Mezco will be producing action figures based on Eric Powell's "The Goon." Jaw-dropping prototypes were on display at the International Toy Fair, though no photography was permitted. We will say that the series, slated for release later this year, will include: The Goon, Frankie, Joey the Ball and The Zombie Priest. What's cool about this line (aside from some amazing sculpts) is that each figure will include a bonus part: collect all four to create you very own Vampire Zombie!"

I have two comments on this. First, Mezco must be hoping this line will have a long life if they're going with a third-stringer like Joey the Ball in the first line.

Second, what the heck is a Vampire Zombie? I'm hoping this is some kind of error, and the actual figure is the infamous Giant Zombie Chimp (that, or perhaps Buzzard, who's sort of a vampire zombie, or more accurately a zombie vampire).

One way to clarify this would be to get it from the horse's mouth, but Mezco is still being coy about both the Goon and Hellboy lines. Mez himself (the company's founder) dropped by Mezco's message board the other day, but other than letting us know he's busy in Hong Kong, no new information was given.

Getting back to news... we've got lots more in the coming days and weeks, including an interview with Jerry Macaluso of SOTA about the company's upcoming Nightmares of Lovecraft line - so keep your homepage locked on OAFE!

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