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Here's a question for our readers: are McFarlane's Movie Maniacs, SOTA's Now Playing, and NECA's Cult Classics all in the same basic scale?

If I recall correctly, even the various Movie Maniacs aren't necessarily in scale with one another, but I believe they're all around 7"-8", yes?

To offer your input, just leave a reply at the bottom of the post.

Here's something weird Shocka pointed out to me: you know the new ML Dr. Octopus figure? Did you know they actually called him "Doc Ock" on the packaging? Weird. Swap one letter with one space and you've got an X-rated package.

And did anyone read my provocative PoA on the toy industry? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

In other news, I watched Robocop for the nth time today. I think it's one of the few '80s action movies that still holds up - which is rather surprising, given it's also a science fiction flick, and those tend to get dated after a decade or two. I love so many things about that film - Robocop's design, Kurtwood Smith's unequivocally evil villain, ED-209's quivering toe, seeing that guy who got crushed by the helicopter on ER get melted by toxic waste and then splattered on a car windshield, and the final scene, which always makes me cackle with glee. The last four lines alone are worth the price of admission.

I was really into Robocop as a kid. My father, saint that he is, used two VCRs to make a kid-friendly copy of the movie, so I was able to enjoy that until an edited version came on network television. I was also a big fan of Kenner's 1988 Robocop toyline, one of the earliest high-profile toylines to be based on an R-rated film (though they rushed out a mediocre cartoon series to cover their behinds). Kenner's line was great, but it only sold moderately well, I believe. In the '90s the license went to a company called Toy Island, who put out a line of so-so toys based primarily on the short-lived Robocop television series.

Robocop finally got his toyetic due in 2004, when he was added to McFarlane's Movie Maniacs line. I hope to get a review of that figure up sometime soon (where I'll rehash everything I just wrote).

Comic Hellboy Update: No news from Mezco. Forum natives becoming restless. Open rebellion imminent.

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