Squashing the rumors about NECA's Balrog

Thousands of people are eagerly awaiting NECA's 1/6th scale Balrog - a massive action figure, possibly the biggest ever 1:12 action figure ever created, in scale with the other Lord of the Rings figures by ToyBiz.

There's been little coverage of the toy for several months, then shortly following Toy Fair (where the Balrog wasn't on show in any shape or form) two different sites reported completely different information about the toy - one declaring that the Balrog was going to be more of a statue to keep the price at US$100, the other that he was going to remain as articulated as possible with a run of 5000 to keep costs around $80 - $100. Lucky for us, Action-Figure.com is there to squash these rumors and drop them into a deep fiery pit, with their information straight from the horse's ass: The Balrog update

It all sounds like good news, with one question - will they be able to limit this to a run of 5000? Fair enough, it should make the costs work but it's also an open invitation to scalpers, and, I guarantee there are thousands and thousands of people who want this toy, no matter the cost.

Start putting away one dollar a day, crackers! You'll soon have enough for your precious loot!

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