Invader Zim blues

I absolutely adore Invader Zim, the off-the-wall Jhonen Vasquez cartoon that was cut painfully short by an insane Nickelodeon, who clearly had no idea what they were asking when they got the man behind Johnny the Homocidal Maniac and Squee! to make a children's TV series. At the very top of my wants list for a while, I finally got to own the excellent first series of action figures by Palisades Toys earlier in the year, and now as the second series looms above us following the release of the Hot Topic Exclusives, I'm not happy.

As with the first series, the more expensive HT Exclusives have come out first; Michael Shithead already has his "reviews" up, but I'm left high and dry, like most international collectors for whom it's basically impossible to buy the toys. The first series were available on Hot Topic with decent international shipping, but the second are annoyingly absent. Getting over the initial problems with these exclusives - less accessories, higher price; only available from one store; limited run of 3690 - making them almost impossible to get for the international collectors is rubbing salt in the wound.

Then there's the skintone problem. As pointed out elsewhere, the skintones are different to the original release and wont look as good displayed with the first series. This was mentioned on the Palisades Message Board by many but could not be changed due to Palisades not being at fault; Nickelodeon gave the orders to change the skintone and their rule is God. Why? No one knows. It's not very pleasing, though, but the blame must lie with those responsible, and Palisades aren't at fault. Instead, Hot Topic and Nick are slapping the fans in the face. Being proactive, I'd love nothing more than to drive to the store and crash through the front windows, with fire and TOW missiles and mean words, but instead we have to resort to the almighty complaints. If you're not happy with something, get in contact with the parties involved. It only takes a minute to send Hot Topic an angry e-mail. Getting through to the almighty Nick is slightly harder, but it doesn't take long to find ways to contact them via their website, and persistence prevails!

Rant over.

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