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Now that yo go re has vented his spleen with a rant and an unprovoked calumny on Rustin's and my sentiments on articulation (and while Rustin has a definite "sculpt is more important than articulation" angle, I've always been a strong advocate of articulation with the possible exception of double-joints at the elbow and knees, which I think can make a figure, particularly a superhero, seem a little flimsy), we can now return to our regularly scheduled reviews:

1.) The aforementioned yo go re reviews the unfortunate new Hydro-Man from ToyBiz;
2.) and Monkey Boy provides two new reviews from a galaxy long ago and far away: Skirmish in the Senate and the amusingly grisly Demise of General Grievous.

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  1. yo go re says:

    Yeah, that's why you get lumped in with Captain Insano. Double-knees and elbows are proof of God's love for mankind, and (almost) every figure should have them. It's only when figures get really big and bulky that they stop working. Juggernaut, Hulk, guys of that size. They can keep single hinges. Everybody else? BEND, DAMMIT! If I can get my arm past a 90-degree angle, my toys should be able to, too...

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