A blog-premiere review: Battle Crawlers

You ever pick up something as an impulse buy, only to find that it's just about the awesomest thing ever made? It doesn't happen often, but when it does? That's something to talk about.

My newest obsession is Battle Crawlers. Check this out:

Half insect, half machine!
The Battle Crawlers go head-to-head for supremacy. Just like in nature, each has special advantages!
Customize your robot for power, speed or strength, then wind it back and  fight it out!!

Basically these are little rev-up toys that you run into each other - which sounds simplistic and kind of dumb, but they really are insanely fun.

Each of the six bugs is built around the same body, the motor that makes their wheels go. They have two carapace parts, and some form of moving mouthpiece that raises and lowers as they go. You can swap the real rubber wheels around to influence how they move (a little), but really these are straightforward little toys.

The Battle Crawlers were distributed by Tomy, but made by some company called Wild Planet Toys, which I've never heard of. A look at their site reveals... not a lot. It seems like the stuff that educational stores would carry and thus we would never hear of. I say they "were" made because the date on the bottom is 2004, which might be why I picked these robotic bugs up for just $3 apiece at Kmart. That's an unbelievable price for toys that are this much fun. I really suggest you go find some of your own...

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