Tomorrow's a "school" day

Tomorrow we're going to post a review of the new DC Superheroes Doomsday from Mattel. Since DCD already made a Doomsy of their own, this may be another installment of "DC Direct schools Mattel," a continuing comparison of the ways in which even a company new to the world of toys can outpace the industry's old guard by making good decisions. To help you get ready for class, here's a refresher course:

Part 1: Joker
Part 2: Batman
Part 3: Joker
Part 4: Robin
Part 5: Nightwing
Part 6: Stealth Jumper Batman

The comparison between "Hush" Scarecrow and Mattel's Scarecrow would have been Part 7 (or maybe Part 1 of "Mattel schools DC Direct"), but the two were too evenly matched to call a winner. What will Doomsday bring? Find out tomorrow!

DC did eventually come back swinging, though it took them a while - about a year, in fact.

Part 7: Batman

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