yo: keeping my head above water

You ever feel like you've got too much to do? I always feel a bit guilty when we don't get a review up right away - yes, we let other sites worry about trying to be first with a look at the newest stuff (since we blow them out of the water in every other respect, wink-wink), but there are too many times that cool stuff gets overlooked for too long. It's probably been a month or more since I got my Superman Returns figure, but do you see a review? No. And that makes me ashamed.

To help allieviate some of that (and spurred on by the complaints about the Curious George review), I just took a quick look around to see what I had handy that I had yet to review. I made a handy little list, and people can go vote for what you want to see reviewed first. That way I can shift the blame onto you! Love for all!

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