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More Exclusive Than The Exclusives

So I've sent more money to Rustin to cover this year's SDCC Exclusives than I've spent on clothes in the past two years, and he's doing a pretty good job of being my packmule. But here's the thing: some of … Continue reading

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The Special Edition of the Daily Planet that's packaged with Perry White is, amazingly enough, an actual newspaper. That is, it's not plastic and it has more than just squiggly lines printed on it. The accessory is actual paper with … Continue reading

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San Diego or bust!

There's only one OAFE at SDCC this weekend, and it's me, your very own Rustin Parr! (Although given the amount of money he's spending, yo should get his lazy butt to San Diego) Bask in my reflected glory!

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Battle-Armor Lex Luthor addendum

Today's DC Direct Crisis on Infinite Earths Series 2 Battle-Armor Lex Luthor review told you how the power armor was designed for the Kenner Super Powers line, then back-adapted into the comics. But while the basic shape was always the … Continue reading

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yo - First Appearance Thing addendum

I didn't want to take over the First Appearance Thing review with a diatribe about his included reprint of Fantastic Four #1, but it's stuff worth discussing. So for a complete breakdown, read our newest Points of Articulation column. It's … Continue reading

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It was a Monster mash

As we said in our review of the Marvel Legends Monsters box set, following the relaxation of the Comics Code in the 1970s, Marvel expected a huge upswing in monster-themed comics, and so took immediate steps to position themselves to … Continue reading

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