Big announcement!

Attention customizers: OAFEnet is looking for an "in-house" talent. Someone who loves making their own figures, whether for fun and profit, and needs gallery space to show off their skills.

If collectors just waited for companies to make toys of the characters they wanted, there would be a lot of disappointed fans. There are hundreds of toy aficionados who aren't afraid to pick up a brush and a bottle of paint to get what they want, whether it's something as simple as a black wash or as complex as a complete retooling.

We don't require detailed, in-depth instructions on how you made the figure, just the basic steps. Take a look at our Customs section to get an idea of what we're looking for. We've tried a few before, but yo is glacially slow and Lars actually has a real life to tend to, so now's your chance.

Are you interested? Want a public forum to reach viewers who would really appreciate your skills? All we need from you are some samples of your work. You're going to need a camera for this, obviously: can't show off your creations without pictures, after all. Show us what you've done before, let us know what you're planning to do next. Variety helps.

We'll pick our customizer rather arbitrarily - just whoever shows the best samples. That doesn't mean we have to like the characters you've made, or the figures you used as a base, just the work that you've done. If you've got skill, it shows up no matter what. Send samples (or links) to and you're on your way!

We will let the winner know before announcing them to the world. Good luck, have fun, and get those paints flying!

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