OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, October 5

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In case you haven't visited the site and seen the new banner, it's Horror Month! The time of year when we bend over backwards to make it look like the figures we would have reviewed anyway are somehow vaguely related to Halloween.

  • Your first review this week was actually from the end of September, but it totally fits - if the Halloween costume wasn't enough, you also get pumpkins and someone rising from the dead.
  • Speaking of playing dress-up, who here plays City of Heroes?
  • The Iron Man movie star has been announced. Do you like the choice?
  • Does anyone embody the spirit of Halloween more than the devil? Well, maybe the son of the devil, since the devil is getting too old to trick-or-treat any more. He's been going as "Neo from the Matrix" for years now. It's kind of sad. His kid is going as Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Big news! Have you ever wanted to be an OAFE? Well, if you know your enamel from your acrylic, now's your chance.
  • The final review from this week is the monster of destruction that killed Earth's mightiest superheroes. Or at least sent them to the cornfield. Twilight Zone references are totally horror!
  • Hey, this might scare you: are all the Wal*Mart Legends sold out?

To keep up to date on all the Horror Month goodness, keep an eye on our dedicated page. It'll be continually updated through the end of October.

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