The importance of camouflage

So, I went to a toy show today. I found a few good deals, but had to pass on some stuff I really wanted because the prices were just too high. $15 for Avalanche? $45 for Iceman? No way.

Anyway, I stopped at TRU on the way home, on a whim. I've been looking to complete my ML15 collection, so I was excited when I saw they'd gotten the MODOK series in. Unfortunately, it was two full cases and no variants - I refuse to buy Thor Buster Iron Man. Still, I spied a stack of four Legends clamshells sitting in the hallway to the stockroom. I ducked back there to see if it was anything I needed.

Nope. ML14.

However, they were sitting next to an ML15 case. It was open, but I couldn't tell if it was empty or full; though with four sets already on the shelves, "empty" was much more likely. So I moved on to the next aisle (nothing there), but I knew I'd be kicking myself if I didn't check that box. So back into the stockroom I went.

I lifted the box, and sure enough, it was empty.

Ha! No, come on, I wouldn't be telling this story if that was the case. It was completely full, and a quick peek revealed that it was a variant case. Destroyer was right there on top. So I dug through, and got the variants I wanted, leaving the others behind for some other lucky soul.

Now remember, I was in the employees-only area. As I was leaving with my haul, an employee came into the back. I smiled, gave him a polite nod and was on my way. It wasn't until I got home that I realized why he didn't say anything to me.

It's Christmastime, which means TRU has hired a ton of seasonal help - new employees who haven't even been there for a month. No one knows everyone else yet. Plus, I just happened to be wearing black jeans and a red shirt: at a glance, under a flannel, that's indistinguishable from the TRU employee uniform. Camouflage! As far as he knew, I was a new worker buying something at the end of my shift. Hot damn!

So, taking a risk + pure luck = great rewards. If you want to sneak into the back room during this holiday season, go in camouflage.

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