OAFEnet Update for Thursday, December 28

On the third day of Christmas, OAFEnet gave to me/
the OAFEnet Email Update, duh. You can go find your own French Hens. Or Freedom Hens, maybe.

Ah, the month is nearly over, and our goal of covering the entirety of Marvel Legends 14 and 15 on our "off" days looks to be in sight. Somebody's gonna need a freaking vacation by the time January rolls around.

  • We began our week with, surprise surprise, a Marvel Legend! Two of them, in fact, if you count a variant as a separate review. It helps that they're two different characters.
  • Monkey Boy got his habit supersized when he went to the mall and brought home a new, talking friend. But enough about Salty the Belligerent Parrot! We have a review, post-holiday sales.
  • My love for you is like a truck! Destroyer! Would you like some making f-- waaaait a minute, that's not right. That's berserker, not destroyer. Destroyer is... uh... the three-square boat in Battleship? No, that's a cruiser. I give up, this is confusing. You go read nows.
  • Speaking of big metal guys, have you seen the X3 Colossus figure? No, probably not, since the only place it showed up was a hard-to-find MySpace profile. This was our Christmas Eve gift.
  • We almost reviewed a Santa Claus figure on Christmas Day. But he's supposed to be finished by then, right? So we opted, instead, for a present. What little kid wouldn't love to find a puppy under the tree? Here's yours.
  • Now for this week's amazingly unintentional segue, we go from one lunar character to another.
  • Sometimes a review doesn't need pictures to be complete. At least, that's what we're trying to convince you with our newest blog-exclusive review, available here and nowhere else.
  • Our next review is a bit javascript heavy. It's nothing terribly complex, and certainly not malicious, but we had to find SOME way to cram six figures into one review. Bask in the glory of random images.
  • Are toys art?
  • Our final review of the week might just be the most infuriating figure of ML15. If you're a completist, good luck tracking down this variant.
  • And now, settle in for a long read. It's time for this month's "Flippin' Through Previews," where we go through the comicshop catalogue to find the stuff that the other sites pretend is news.
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