OAFEnet Update for Thursday, December 7

All I want for Christmas is the OAFEnet Email Update. And a copious pile of toys. Mainly that second one.

  • Like the song says, it's the most wonderful time of the year. We're going to be looking at several Christmas-y figures. And while our first December review may not seem particularly festive, just remember that the Christmas traditions we hold onto today started in the Victorian age.
  • We're also trying something a bit insane - we had enough Marvel Legends figures to fill the entire month on or usual "every other day" schedule. But that wouldn't have been fair to all the other goodies we have lying around, so what to do? Take the ML stuff off the regular schedule entirely, and do them on the "off" days. Yeah, we're nuts. On top of that, the first review was actually three figures.
  • Have you ever spent time digging through store shelves for something, only to find out later it's only available online? Don't you hate that? Especially when the something in question is so damn fun.
  • Related to that last review, a bit of Transformers news.
  • How awesome would it be if you had a suit of power armor? Not even to fight crime, or anything - just to walk around in. Imagine going grocery shopping in your mech suit, or waiting in line at the movies. Someone takes too long at the ATM, you blast them with your repulsor beams. Yeah, I would totally misuse that power.
  • There's been lots of speculation about what ToyBiz will do now that Hasbro is handling Marvel Legends: is this the answer?
  • Our next review is a figure that ended up shipping about one month late. Would you try to sell a leprechaun figure in April? Uncle Sam on the Fourth of August? No! You get your act together and your shipping dates tight.
  • Lots of people have made lists of what characters they'd like to see as Marvel Legends, or which ones don't deserve the title. Here's something different: what characters do you think won't ever be made?
  • If we'd been smart, we would have held onto this review until the end of the month. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that would have been one "Sweet Christmas!" And this review features a shout-out to one big-time OAFE fan in particular. It's hidden, but it's in there. See if you can find it. Heck, see if it's you.
  • Now, just because we're covering ML stuff only on even-numbered days this month, it doesn't mean we won't be looking at other Marvel products on the regular days. For instance, our Thursday review comes from the X-Men Classics line.

So that's all for this week. If you were reading the Update via email, you'd get a preview of one of next week's reviews. But you're not, so instead you get a lump of coal.

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