Everybody likes a good scare

Tomorrow is the first day of February, which means the beginning of Old Toys Month. We're going to start things off with a couple characters from my favorite survival horror game. I'll even give you a hint: I'll describe the game for you.

It's the one where you wake up all alone in this dark house. You start moving around the hallways, and at first everything seems okay. Then these creatures come out of nowhere and start chasing you. All you can do is run: you don't start the game with any weapons, and the few you can find only last four shots at the most.

There's a bit of stealth action in the game, too: if you can keep the monsters from seeing you, they won't attack - you can sneak around right behind them, for instance. And as you go around, you realize there's something screwy going on: you think you've found the exit, but when you go through, you find yourself in an exact duplicate of the room you were just in. It's really freaking creepy. And oh, man, the soundtrack? It'll haunt your dreams. It will bore its way into your mind and stay there for days, even after you're done with the game. It's had a few sequels, which all retain pretty much the same style of horror/stealth gameplay, but the first sequel is easily the most popular.

So, tomorrow's review? The main character and two of the enemies. Check out OAFE to see if you guessed the right game...

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  1. yo go re says:

    Just for the record (once the review isn't on the front page any more), this is the Survival Horror game I was talking about. My favorite!

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