OAFEnet Update for Thursday, January 18

Dedicated to the memory of those who aren't with us any more, it's the OAFEnet Email Update.

After giving everyone the option to unsubscribe from the OEU last week, only ten people took the opportunity. Which means for everyone else, your spam folder is catching this message before you have to read it. Heh.

  • Our first review this week is a character that's undergone a pretty substantial metamorphosis since he first appeared. If you want this toy but you're having trouble finding it, there's an easy solution: just light a candle.
  • And hey, speaking of toys mixed with open flames...
  • It's rare that a straight repaint of a 5-year-old figure becomes the current "must-have" item of the collector community, but it's definitely happened now. Even people who got the original figure are hunting this one.
  • We've got a thread going where everyone is invited to show off pictures of their collections. So grab a camera, snap a few pics and join us.
  • Marvel's got a new movie coming out in a few weeks, so all you fanboys out there better start warming up your baseless complaints. Remember, don't actually judge the movie on its merits - that's against the rules. Anyway, no matter what you think of the movie, there's one toy you can't ignore.
  • This week's Transformers Tuesday review is a new figure with an old legacy, although it was hidden until it got some new paint.
  • Here comes some wisdom from the mountaintop!
  • Our final review for the week will fill your head with more trivia than an entire night spent reading Snapple bottlecaps. And you won't pee funny colors the next day. Prepare to travel back in time.

The end of January is going to be a pretty busy time at OAFE - we have a surprising number of reviews on deck. So make sure you keep reading your email to make sure you don't miss anything fun.

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