OAFEnet Update for Thursday, January 25

The OAFEnet Email Update will break the internet in half.

Busy, busy week at OAFEnet. Monkey Boy and yo seem to be in some kind of race for the most reviews, and they've been alternating back and forth since Friday.

  • The week began, in fact, with two reviews - a pair of characters who absolutely hate each other. If you've ever wished you had an entire arsenal of 6"-scale weapons, this may be your answer.
  • Not to be outdone, Saturday's review was also a double-dip, which gave us one long-awaited version of a character, and one absolute pantload. Split the difference, I guess, and you've got a so-so set.
  • Both of those reviews had accompanying blog posts, too, so click around until you find them.
  • One of the characters in that review got a second review the very next day. Notice that's "character," not "figure." Same guy, different lump of plastic. A pretty good one, too.
  • Do you have any extra Iron Man figures you no longer want? Think you could lay hands on some? Then your help is needed.
  • Is Monday's review one figure or two? Could go either way, I suppose. One character, but two costumes. Two figures, but they're really small. Read it and decide for yourself.
  • Our next figure is big and scary, even if it's 90% re-used. This may also be the only time you say to yourself, "yeah, he's nice, but I wish he was wearing a skirt."
  • You may soon be able to buy OAFE merchandise. Does that excite you? It does? You have problems. Help direct which way we go with this.
  • Suddenly, it was Transformers Tuesday, and our new review brought readers face to face with three robots in disguise. Careful, though - for old-school fans, this set might just draw you in hook, line and sinker.
  • Hey, Transformers fans! This might be the most awesome news ever.
  • yo completely stole the intro for Wednesday's review, the sole minority figure on an old action team. I pity the fool who doesn't read about Mr. T.
  • All you Ghost Rider fans out there might appreciate these new customs.
  • A new actor has jointed the ranks of those who have figures from two companies based on two different roles. Yay, a landmark! Sadly, you probably won't be able to recognize him at all in either version.

Next week is probably going to be just as busy as this week. And it looks like we may go over our traffic limit again this month. Yeesh! The perils of popularity (or at least of Google Image search and unscrupulous bloggers).

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