GI Joe Comic Pack 16 addendum

In today's review of GI Joe Comic Pack 16, we said that the selection was chosen by fans in a vote held by comic publisher Devil's Due. But what were the other choices? Let's find out!

Issue 01

  • Scarlett
  • Crimson Guard
  • Duke (in suit)

Issue 04

  • Mistress Armada
  • Alexander McCullen (w/ mask)
  • Cobra Soldier

Issue 06 (2nd runner up)

  • Storm Shadow
  • Zartan
  • Zanya

Issue 16 (winner)

  • Spirit
  • Cover Girl
  • Hannibal

Issue 22 (runner up)

  • Serpentor
  • Overlord
  • Roadblock

Issue 23

  • Lady Jaye
  • Mercer
  • Hawk

Issue 24

  • Coil Trooper
  • Zandar
  • Firewall

Issue 25

  • Overkill
  • Firefly
  • Outback

Issue 28

  • Mayday
  • Mariner
  • Raptor Viper

Issue 31

  • Heartwrencher
  • Wraith
  • Lt. Falcon

So there you have it. Voting ended on November 15, 2004, and the winner was announced in February '05. A year and a half later, we got our winner. You had to choose carefully - balancing which figures in the set we'd never had before, which were in need of updates and which were likely to see a regular release on their own later. The winner strikes that balance well, with Spirit (a character who's had a lot of figures, but only one in this particular outfit) Cover Girl (whose only figure came out in 1983) and Hannibal (a brand-new character who was unlikely to get a figure otherwise).

I think voted for the Destro with the removable mask. If you could go back in time, what would you vote for?

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