OAFEnet Update for Thursday, February 8

The OAFEnet Email Update killed the radio star.

It's February now, which means we're diving into Old Toys Month. As everyone else in the world falls all over themselves trying to scoop one another about Toy Fair's news of what may or may not be coming out in the next year, we take a different path. A better path. A path backwards. In addition to new figure reviews, we'll also be taking a look at, well, old toys.

  • Our first review this week is the end of a series, and a character first introduced in the late '60s. If that doesn't qualify this super-intelligent bug as "old," then nothing does.
  • Gearing up for the Super Bowl (take that, NFL legal department!), we reviewed someone who appeared in his team's last Superbowl appearance. Considering the huge drought that both teams have been through, you know it's an oldie. It's a good review, even if the wrong team won.
  • We did our monthly "new merchandise" post this week, Flippin' Through Previews. Go find out what every other site claims is "exclusive" news.
  • Rustin pulled into port with a stack of reviews to unload. It's a line of toys that no one ever expected to amount to anything, but apparently turned out really quite nicely. And even better, they won't overtake your shelves!
  • Of the three major '80s properties that have undergone revamps to cash in on the nostalgia cycle, GI Joe is the most successful. A lot of fanboys have nothing but hate for the Sigma 6 line, but there's one figure that just might change their minds as easily as he (should) change his face.
  • Speaking of GI Joe, have you heard what they're going to be doing this summer? It's big news for small toys.
  • We went a little bit old, a little bit new for Transformers Tuesday this week. You even get a little history lesson. It's not exactly clear what kind of car this robot is disguised as, but one thing's for sure: it's a good toy.
  • This being Old Toys Month, we felt it was the perfect time to bring back our sporadic feature, WWEdnesday - you know it has to be old, because we don't give a hoot about modern professional wrestling. The image we chose for the front page to hype this review worried some people, but not to fear: it's not really Ron Jeremy, just a reasonable facsimile.

So, what can you expect next week? For things that are the same as this week. Transformers Tuesday, WWEdnesday and two others. Care to guess what those two will be?

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