Is Mattel repeating its mistakes?

Monkey Boy says:

In a recent discussion on our message board, someone said that he hoped he'd find all the DCSH figures he wanted before the line went kaput. Like he said, "I think blue Supergirl just became the new Evil Lyn."

Allow me to just say "no way." I've seen the blue Supergirl plenty of times. I passed because I don't dig the character, but she's been there. She sells, but so do they all.

I don't think this line will pull a MotU anytime soon because, as frustrating as it is, it keeps on selling. MotU clogged pegs, and every now and then I have Vietnam-esque flashbacks to pegs upon pegs... entire endcaps filled with nothing but Smash Blade, Smash Blade, Smash Blade! Mattel even tried to persuade fans to buy all those crappy Smash Blades up by offering a Moss Man figure, but only if you showed a receipt with 3 recently bought figures (and what else was available but SB He-Man?).

DCSH, while it sells inconsistently, tends to move relatively swiftly and doesn't clog up the woiks. You may see a few Supes, or Brainiacs, Luthors, or even Scarecrows, here or there, but it's never as stifling as it was with MotU. Stores were choking on MotU figures.

I only ever saw one Evil-Lyn. I bought it for a friend who collected MotU. It was the last new MotU figure I ever saw, until I scored Rattlor in an online trade. Then I realized how not worth it the whole darn thing I sold them all.

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5 Responses to Is Mattel repeating its mistakes?

  1. yo go re says:

    Easy for you to say, Monkey Boy. You've already got Mongul, but for the rest of us out here, even the undesirable Orange Doomsday is still out of reach. We're a line behind you and still waiting...

    getting antsy

    • Monkey Boy says:

      just today i saw 2 monguls, each at a different store, along with an orange doomsday, and loads of bizarros with medallions and repaint darkseids.

      i think, eventually, if you keep trying, you'll find what you want. with MOTU and batman, mattel clogged pegs, and i THINK perhaps it's trying to avoid that with, they've definitely made mistakes by packing way too many supes, but he's such a good figure he inevitably sells, and the cases of only supes/biza

      • yo go re says:

        Ah, what do you know? It's well documented that you live in the future and somehow just communicate with the rest of us here in the past.

        Basically, if it's on a purple card, it's not out yet. Not in any numbers that the average fan has a hope of finding. That's true for both DCSH and JLU...


  2. Stanley says:

    I've seen plenty of Supes and Bizzarros, but none of the others in that wave. I'd be uncomfortable, but the same thing happened with the Hasbro Marvel Legends. I saw nothing but Hulks and Beasts for weeks on end, at multiple chains, before the others finally started appearing. Hopefully, this will turn out the same way.

  3. yo go re says:

    so here we are, four months later, and this supposedly plentiful figure has just NOW shown up for the first time. Still think she's not the new Evil-Lyn?

    maybe I'll find a Mongul by Christmastime

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