This week in comicshops - 03/07

Find out what toy-related items you can get at your local comicshop this Wednesday.

Superman 13 Inch Collector Figure, $69.99

GI Joe Dreadnoks Declassified #2, $4.99

Transformers Generations #12, $3.99
Transformers Prime Directive Movie Prequel #1, $3.99

McFarlanes MLB 3-In Ser 5 AF Asst, AR
Spawn #165, $2.95

Why list a random Spawn comic? Because it breaks out of continuity for a one-shot origin of Mandarin Spawn. Awesome!

Millers American Insiders Guide Toys & Games HC, $24.95

Lees Toy Review Mar 2007 #173, $5.95

DC Heroclix Origin Booster Pack, $4.19

assorted stuff
Baby Satan Medium Voodoo Baby, $9.95
Darkie Medium Voodoo Baby, $9.95
Demon Warrior Medium Voodoo Baby, $9.95
Dracula Medium Voodoo Baby, $9.95
GI Joe Icons Snake Eyes Bust, $45.00
John Lennon 7-In AF Asst, AR
Marvel Super Hero Squad 2-Pk AF Asst 200702, AR
Monkey King Large Voodoo Baby, $17.95
POTC Dmc New Jack Sparrow 18-In AF Cs, AR
Pokemon 3-In Basic Fig Asst Ser 1, AR
Pokemon 5-In Dlx Fig Asst Ser 1, AR
Rocky Ser 3 AF Asst, AR
SW Galactic Heroes 2-Pk Asst 200701, AR
Titanium Marvel Die-Cast Fig Asst 200701, AR
Tonner DC Stars Coll Doll - Supergirl, AR
Tonner DC Stars Coll Doll - Wonder Woman, AR
Transformers Gen 1 Keychain Asst, AR
Transformers Megatron Head Bust, $50.00
WWE Adrenaline AF 2-Pk Asst Ser 22, AR
WWE Dlx AF Asst Ser 6, AR
WWE Mini AF 3-Pk Asst Ser 1, AR
WWE Ring Rage AF Asst Ser 24-5, AR
WWE Unmatched Fury AF Asst Ser 1, AR
Wizard Jr Medium Voodoo Baby, $9.95

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