OAFEnet Update for Thursday, April 26

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Another week, another crop of reviews. Computer's on the fritz, so we only have a hit-and-run update for you this week. Read 'em slow - savor the experience.

  • Every good fantasy story needs a creepy, faceless spectre wearing black robes. If it was good enough for the Lord of the Rings, it's good enough for Harry Potter.
  • Beware the passage of time - things that were once in the future have now moved into the past, so some day everyone you know and love will be dead. That's what the future holds for you, not flying cars. This toy is from that future (or close to it, anyway).
  • You want to know why Transformers fans hated Beast Wars when it started? Just look at these ridiculous things! They're abominations!
  • Of course, not all of them were that bad. This isn't technically a new review - we just added pictures to one of our old ones. Like, "2001" old.
  • Our final review of the week is one that needed 27 years to fully ripen. Prep your squibs and prepare to have your limbs hacked off. Originally this promo said "fill a condom with blood," but that sounded horrible.

Sorry for the short entry, folks - hopefully next week will be better. Fingers crossed!

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