What is wrong with people?

So get this: apparently some folks got so pissed off at our April Fools' Day joke, which claimed that we'd been sent a cease and desist letter from Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc that they actually sent angry, rude and threatening letters to the Canadian OAFE (which is pronounced "oh-AH-fey," incidentally, not "oaf," like us) on Sunday. That seems pretty dumb to me, so let's spell it out:

PEOPLE! NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU READ ONLINE ON APRIL 1st! Yeesh. No matter how plausible it seems (and honestly, this was anything but), never believe any news posted on April Fools' Day. Good or bad. Wait a day or two before you react to it. Otherwise you just prove yourself to be the April fool...

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3 Responses to What is wrong with people?

  1. Twigga says:

    That's ridiculous, it was a great joke & people need to calm the heck down!

  2. Justin says:

    What the? Who would belive that?

  3. Stanley says:

    Never mind that rude and threatening letters aren't exactly going to have the desired effect. Seriously, what is it with people whose first action is to resort to threats?

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