Let's get ready to rumble!

If something looks a bit off about the "real" Civic Si picture in yo's review of the Alternators Rumble, it's because the photograph he used is actually my car...a 2006 Civic Si, to be sure, just like Rumble...but a Fiji Blue Pearl Civic Si, rather than Rumble's Habanero Red. ah, the wonders of photoshop.

For the first time, I get to own a tiny version of (almost) my exact same car. Save for the color, Rumble is the spitting image of my own ride. Strangely, the diecast car market has barely touched the '06 Civic Si, with only some tiny Hot Wheels super-tuned versions and other various abominations available...until Rumble.

I can really say that everything on rumble is exactly as it is on my car...except for Rumble's head staring at you from the backseat. Strangely, if one pays attention to yo's extra-nerdy "FIBRIR" argument, I came very close to getting my exact car...if only Hasbro had decided that Rumble was, indeed, blue.

As yo said, rumble is one of the more "normal" cars in the Alternators line, but it's not too far behind say, a Mazda RX-8 (Jazz) or a WRX STI (silverstreak). It's the little cousin of the s2000 (Windcharger), another high-revving sporty Honda. And with 197 hp and an 8000 rpm redline, I can tell you the Si is no joke. It certainly kicks the crap out of the Scion xB (Skids) and is about on par with the Acura RSX type S (Camshaft) which features 201 hp.

Although yo isn't quite correct about the Si being the be all/end all Civic for a given market. Honda markets a "type r" Civic in the non-US markets, although in the current version, the line between Si and type r is all but invisible (both have identical 197 hp engines for example). Either way, it's a damn fun car especially if you're on a budget like mine. And now I got my own little version that transforms into a robutt.

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