OAFEnet Update for Thursday, May 17

Now with an extra-flaky crust, it's the OAFEnet Email Update!

This week we've got a big OEU for you - so big, in fact, that we're actually starting with a message board link!

  • Have you ever wished you could be master of your own fate? No? Well, how about just deciding what we review and when? That one's doable. Get your democracy on!
  • Fellas, this review has just what you want - well, if a buff, half-naked man is what you want. Feel free to keep that to yourself. We're really going after the niche audiences, now.
  • Attention, ladies! Your input is needed! We're looking for honest opinions (whether pro or con) from anyone who has has two X chromosomes. Now, guys, don't feel you have to stay quiet, either - everyone's invited to participate, even if you've never posted before. It's just that, like in everything else, women are more important.
  • Last week, your email preview was this revenant sea captain. If you read it back then, read it again to see how many typos we fixed.
  • Check out this custom from one of our readers. As you can tell, he's really been working on it for some time now.
  • Is it too soon to make jokes about Jerry Falwell? Eh, we'll say "no," that a period of respect only applies to people who deserve it. So here goes: click here to see what Jerry Falwell is seeing right now.
  • No matter how much people hate Wal*Mart, it seems like you really can get anything there. Including, apparently, a fancy new car. You might have to take this one in for a bit of service at your dealership, though. But no worries, everything's under warranty.
  • Want to know what it's like to own that car? Read Monkey Boy's testimonial.
  • Your final review this week is a double. These guys hate each other so much, it's a wonder they don't start going at it in the package before you even get them home.
  • Have you heard the big merger news? Well you have now.
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