OAFEnet Update for Thursday, May 31

Of all the emails you get this week, the OAFEnet Email Update is one of them.

Most of our reviews this week were accompanied by blog posts, as well, so don't forget to follow those links - you never know what sort of fun side info you'll get!

  • Summer started this weekend, which means it's almost time for the summer conventions, and that means exclusive toys. We've got our own checklist started.
  • Our first review is a character that outlived his usefulness. Sure, we still think greed is good, but not to the extent we did when this guy was created in the '80s. Can a character like that adapt and thrive? Well, yeah, probably, unless he gets all exploded.
  • Hey, Hellboy fans! Want 90 minutes of entertainment and an exclusive figure? Poe has the hookup.
  • People always complain that Superman is too powerful, because his powers allow him to do almost anything. He's not the only character like that, you know - there are some who can do pretty much anything, but only if the people writing them are smart.
  • This week's Transformers Tuesday review is the end of an era, it seems. Shame, too, since it breaks so much new ground.
  • Two piratey links for you. The first is a discussion of the movie. The second is all about the toys.
  • Can you uncover the secret of our next review? The only way we could give you more hints would be to actually tell you where to look, and that would ruin all the fun, wouldn't it? Put on your detective hats!
  • Finally, a new Point of Articulation column. Wow, really? I guess so. Imagine everyone's surprise! Prepared to get learned, son!

You should feel bad that you're reading this update online, and not in your mailbox - this week's Email Update Exclusive sneak preview is really cool, but you'll have to wait to find out what other readers already know.

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