Pirates of the Caribbean

yo sez:

Okay, so the new Pirates movie opened today, and it's excellent. Superb. A big step up from Dead Man's Chest. Go see it, and stay 'til after the credits. Wonderful film.

So anyway, the movies are good, but are they really so good that they deserve all the toys they've gotten? There's NECA's 7" line, Zizzle's 7" line, Zizzle's 3¾" line, the Disney Store's 6" line, and those new 2" multi-packs. That's not even counting the large-scale figures, like the 12" lines from Zizzle and NECA, the 16"ers at the Disney Store, NECA's 18" collection... you get the idea. It's an assload of pirates. Pirates pirates. And they all seem to sell. Has any licensed property ever gotten so much coverage from so many different companies? Not even Star Wars, really. What's up with that?

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