Transformers Tuesday

Okay, so we've been running Transformers Tuesday without (major) interruption since, like, August or something. It used to be that it was just an Old Toys Month thing, but you, the readers, said you wanted the weekly feature to keep going, so for now it is. We'll keep going until we run out of robots in disguise.

Now, obviously we've reviewed more than just new toys for this, but for the past few weeks, you may have noticed that the TFs were even older than usual. Why's that? Well, it was just a fun little scheme. It started out completely randomly, but once we saw what was happening, we decided to embrace it. Since March, we've made our way through each different Transformers universe in reverse order. Counting backwards:

Not bad, huh? And just in case you think we missed Beast Machines, Universe or Alternators, think again - those each got expanded entries during our little stunt.

So how about that, huh? An ongoing, deliberate theme. Is that cool, or just weirdly obsessive? Did anyone out there notice what we were up to before we told you?

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