Flippin' Through Previews - June '07

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover.

Wow, we actually have to get pretty far in this month before we get to the goodies. I guess that makes up for the Marvel Zombies Minimates getting the cover last time. The fun begins with DC Direct on page 129, where we find Justice Series 7. Gorilla Grodd, Armored Aquaman, Armored Superman, and John Stewart. The Grodd is particularly disappointing, since it's just the old Grodd figure with a new head. Yawn.

The Ame-Comi Heroine Series vynil statues debut next. Batgirl is on page 130, while Catwoman is on 131. There's also concept art for Power Girl, Supergirl, a really kickass Wonder Woman and her longtime for, Cheetah. Sadly, if Batgirl and Catwoman are any indication, the art is going to be better than the toys.

Someone must be buying those 13" collector figures, because Power Girl is listed on page 132. You can take her clothes off! Make the pervs happy!

Page 133 continues a trend seen with the Justice figures: DC Armory. Flamebird and Nightwing look awesome, and I think that's the armor Batman wore when he fought the Scarebeast. Aquaman's "20000 Leagues Under the Sea" helmet is cool, but at the end of the day he's still a solid gold figure. Meh.

Series 2 of the Infinite Crisis figures just came out two weeks ago, but already three of them are being repackaged in a box set. You get OMAC, Superman (battle damaged), Batman (non battle damaged) and Wonder Woman (no cape). That's on the bottom of page 135.

The Afro Samurai figures are "advance-resolicited" on page 137. Yeah. Samuel L Jackson voices an anime samurai. What more do you need to know?

Wow, I missed something - is it 1986? McFarlane Toys seems to think so, judging by page 169's Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora set. Buy this, stand it next to the old Metallica toys and stage your own "Where Are They Now" special.

Page 170 lists the Spawn: Weapons of Mass Destruction set. In addition to having an incredibly stupid name, the set has some thematic problems. The solicitation literally says the set is "focusing on Spawn's predilection toward large weapons and lots of firepower," then kicks off the set with a Spawn figure with no guns at all! Cripes. On the plus side, you get the Spawn #7 figure and the so-so Desert Spawn along with it.

The fully static Simpsons product, The Island of Dr. Hibbert set is listed on page 172. And though it doesn't even move at the Springfield Four, it still looks neat.

Once again jumping on the hottest trends of five years ago, page 174 shows off the 24 Jack Bauer figure. Pretend you're back in 2002, when anybody gave a damn.

The highlight of page 175's NFL Legends Series 3? Bo Jackson. Bo knows cheap plastic statues. McFarlane, if you don't make a two-pack of football Bo and baseball Bo, you don't know the first thing about business. Hell, put his head on hockey and basketball bodies, too - it'll be funny.

In case you haven't yet picked up the Icons of Horror 3-pack that's available in stores nation wide right now, it's listed on page 176.

Transformers fans will want to check out the IDW section on pages 312 and 313 - Beast Wars, G1, Prime, Megatron... lots of robot goodness at $3 a pop.

Fans of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazines have five new choices this month: Captain Britain, Nick Fury, Ghost Rider, Lizard and Polaris, plus a deluxe Grey Hulk. Find them all on page 382.

Page 430 hints at some new GI Joe Sigma 6 figures: Frontal Assault Duke, Flint, Desert Camo Snake Eyes, Ninja Storm Shadow and Red Banshee BAT.

Nightmare Before Christmas Series 6 is listed here, as well - Experiment Jack, Sally, and... that's all? Did they forget something?

How would you like a set of Halo 3 Kubricks? They come in regular, clear, and Red vs. Blue. $5 each, but that's not bad. They respawn on page 433.

The listing for Resident Evil Anniversary Figures Series 2 is terrible. It shows Series 1 and the only figure they mention is Tyrant. Gee, thanks, page 434! Thanks for nothing!

Page 437 shows off the Battlestar Galactica figures - Apollo, Six, Hot Dog and the exclusive Caprica Six. Very nice stuff, but very light on the articulation. So sad.

Mezco's Cinema of Fear figures, which our own Poe Ghostal was the first to tell you about (or hint about, at least), are on page 440. The copy claims they're fully articulated, but you can't tell it from the photos.

Harry Potter Series 2 is listed on page 440, as well. You can get Harry, Snape, Dumbledore and some Death Eaters. No BAF this time, though.

NECA also has their PotC: At World's End Series 2 listed. The new Jack Sparrow gets reused already, plus we get Singapore Elizabeth Swann, Tia Dalma and Captain Teague. Nice selection, there!

Rob Zombie is redoing Halloween for some reason, and the new Michael Meyers figure is in here. It looks very... plain. Nothing to recommend it over the McToys version other than availability.

If the Rocky Minimates are anything like the real figures, the line will die before we actually get the one figure everyone on Earth wants, Mr. T. There's a box set on 442, and an exclusive Rocky/Adrian 2-pack on page 444. Now give us Mr. T!

Also in Minimates news, Star Trek TOS Series 2 includes Battle Damage Kirk & Gorn, Spock & Uhura, Sulu & Chekov, and a limited shirtless Sulu. I want that one!

Okay, say it with me: Star Wars. R2-D2. Trashcan. Awesome. 448.

This month's award for dumbest listing? Page 457's Halo 3 Master Chief Bust. Why is it dumb? Because they show it in silhouette, with a note that the product image is coming soon. Uh, guys? Is there anyone who doesn't know what Master Chief looks like? There's even a little picture of him right there on the page, next to the shadow. Dumb!

Okay, we usually skip right over the Designer Toys section, because the prices are so nuts, but this time we're going to stop on page 476 to look at the 3 and 10" Bart Simpson Qee. Wow, a Simspons figure that can move? Who would believe it!? The 3"er has a keychain attachment, too, so dig that.

Of course, speaking of crazy prices, that $7 Bart is listed right next to the Green Toxic Swamp Bear for $1500. That is not a typo. $1,500.00

From the Imports section comes a 7" figure a lot of people are going to want: Medicom's Hostel action figure. It's some dude in a bull mask with a chainsaw, and it's done in the Movie Maniacs/Cult Classics/Now Playing style. Folks who get off on torture porn, order this one straight away! It's only available in the US through Previews, and you can find it on page 504.

Finally, a complete collection of Spawn: The Animated Series is coming for that show's 10th anniversary. Has it really been that long? If you never saw this old HBO show, it's definitely worth checking out. It's tons better than the Spawn movie, that's for sure. Kind of funny that three seasons is only 18 episodes, though.

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