OAFEnet Update for Thursday, August 2

With its words all jumbled, it's A Data Fee To Line 'em Up... er, the OAFEnet Email Update.

Well, the nerd-world survived SDCC over the weekend, and while we don't have a con report for you yet (Rustin somehow ended up in Tijuana, and we're trying to raise his bail money) we did have a lot of exciting new stuff for you to read, to tide you over. And in this update, we're even going to tell you ahead of time what we're reviewing... if you can decipher what the heck we're talking about.

  • Our first review is a character from what is, hands down, the best cartoon on tv right now. Any guesses before clicking as to what it is? That's okay, you're about to find out. But remember, if you're not watching this, you're missing out. Check out this Java Treat.
  • Following on that review, a related Point of Articulation column. See yo flip out and spend page after page ranting about something or other. Lo, A Mental Treetop Tent.
  • It's not often that we at OAFE get a news scoop, and yet, here it is: something no one else has reported yet. Is it true? Or just a misunderstanding and poor copy-writing? Read it and determine for yourself.
  • Our next review is not of this world. Get ready to travel back in time and change history, with some light bondage along the way. We Wanna Zoom, Radio Man!
  • Here's a figure that's still ultra-rare. In fact, it seems only one person on Earth has one yet. Get an early look at Four Accepted Sewer Ho's.
  • In case you're still confused about what's going on, here's this week's Transformers Tuesday: Yardmasters' Fortunes.
  • Also for Yardmasters' Fortunes, we have the new cartoon.
  • The beginning of a new month signaled the return of our popular feature, Vengeful Worship Hip Trip.
  • The last review of the week is a figure that's surprisingly good. This may not be one you'd give a second glance in the store, but hey, that's why we review them - so you know better. And that's why you've made us your #1 source for toy reviews. Now, to end the week, here's My Translatable Fetish Jibe.

And remember, just because you couldn't go to SDCC, doesn't mean you can't dress like you did.

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