GI Joe Movie Watch: The casting begins

The GIJoe movie has its first official cast member: Sienna Miller as the Baroness!


Okay, if you're like 98% of the world, your first reaction was "who?" She's not exactly a household name, but that's never stopped anyone else. A quick look at IMDB reveals that she's been in a bunch of stuff. We'd point out that she was the girl in Keen Eddie, but the odds of anybody but yo go re remembering that show are slim. He insists it was under-rated and suggests it shows how sharp-tongued her Baroness could be, with a snarky sense of self-entitlement.

Whatever. Could be good news, could be bad news. Could just be news. Still, anyone who's seen this video was probably hoping they'd cast Olivia Munn.

And for those who are still worried that the entire movie will suck (based on rumors they've heard), remember that Hasbro has already reassured fans against that. No Brussels, babies! And "GI Joe" isn't an acronym, either.

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