Horror Month toy giveaway - the answers

Well, Horror Month is over, and that means our Mezco Cinema of Fear contest is finished, as well. So now it's time to reveal the correct answers (and laugh at the wrong ones).

1. Whose appearance was influenced by Baron Samedi?
Papa Shango, the wrestling voodoo priest. Putting down "Baron Samedi" does not count.
2. By what name is "Onionhead" better known?
Slimer. This is one of the few questions that almost everyone got right.
3. Does Darth Maul have red skin and black tattoos, or black skin and red tattoos?
Black skin and red tattoos. Here's a hint: it doesn't matter what a random comicbook says, so trying to cite that just "clevered" you into a wrong answer.
4. If the Dark Gundam had a body, how tall would it be?
300 feet. Another easy one.
5. What character did Alex Ross base on the movie Thirteen Ghosts?
Solomon Grundy. Not the Spectre. And the question was "what character was based on the movie, not "what character in the movie was the basis," so naming the ghost didn't cut it.
6. According to plan, where would Earl have found his snacks?
The maternity ward. This one was a bit tricky, so we also accepted "the hospital."
7. How many scales does a Hellhound have?
About 9,000. Some folks thought this was a trick question, and was referring to the Chatter Beast. Nope. If you sent in both answers, you don't get any bonus points. You just get the satisfaction of knowing you covered your bases.
8. What architectural style is the Disneyland version of the Haunted Mansion?
A New Orleans Garden District style home. "Southern" is not an architectural style. And while the one in Florida is a Pennsylvania Gothic mansion, that's not Disneyland.
9. What popular, non-lupine story trope did writer Curt Siodmak invent?
Brain in a jar. For those who were confused, "non-lupine" means "not about a wolf."
10. What planned "Blood Wolves" figure was cancelled?
Syrran. This may have been a tricky one to hunt down, but you managed. Still wish they'd released him.
11. What almost made Zim go blind?
His meatsuit invaded his eyes. Any variation of "meat" was accepted. And cleaning his face with bacon just gave him a zit.
12. What series was Toad originally supposed to be a part of?
Evolution of X. Not Marvel Legends.
13. What variant figure did Seth Green design?
Entertainment Earth Oz. Just saying "Oz" wasn't enough - the question was about which variant he designed, not which figure he designed a variant for.

So there you go, all the answers. We didn't penalize anybody for not putting "Mezco Cinema of Fear giveaway" as the subject of their email - that would have just been petty. As long as we saw your answers, they counted.

Winners will be announced shortly, after we've contacted them. Once again, thanks to Mezco for providing the prizes, and everyone remember to look for Cinema of Fear Series 1 soon in a store near you.

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